Version_française_petitStelis® is the solution for healthy dentures

Personal and miniaturized ultrasonic cleaner with professional performances, Stelis® is devised to clean all type of braces and dentures:


  • resin or metal partial dentures;
  • resin or metal full dentures;
  • stellites;
  • titanium, nylon, ceramic and all type of amalgams dentures;
  • all types of orthodontic appliances;
  • mouthpieces;
  • mouth guards;
  • ear-moulds;
  • body piercing jewellery.


Ultrasounds produce millions of microscopic bubbles that permanently implode onto the surface of the dental appliance. The impact of those microbubbles breaks up impurities, even in the most inaccessible nooks and cavities.


It eliminates more than 500 species of micro-organisms identified in the mouth and helps to optimize the balance of the oral bacterial flora that might be disrupted by taking regular medication.

Effective in 8 minutes only, Stelis® is easily identifiable by its ergonomic and sleek design, and by its removable stainless tank and its single button.

Familles-protheses-appareils-dentairesCreator of physical, psychological and sociological well-being, Stelis® greatly contributes to make your everyday life even more serene and your relationship with others more pleasant and natural.

Very practical, Stelis® can also clean other objects, such as, for example, jewellery.


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