Version_française_petitTo keep up a good oral hygiene

Dentures hygiene problems are one of the causes of the development of many diseases caused by pathogenic micro-organisms that collect in dentures. Bacteria, fungi and viruses adhere to dentures.


Protheses-dentaires-nettoyage-StelisSafety for your denture

Stelis® is the perfect place to keep your dentures when they are not in your mouth.

Stelis® protects your dentures from: losses, breakages and damages of dental resins which, if they do not keep up their level of humidity, lose their mechanical strength, become porous and might therefore be more easily colonized.


A healthy mouth and a fresh breath

Appareil-dentaire-nettoyage-StelisBad breath disappears and gives way to a refreshing sensation on a surface you find smooth and enjoyable.

Stelis® also actively helps to prolong the service life of your dentures.


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