Hospital use

Version_française_petitStelis®, an effective solution for the nursing staff

Whether in ALAs, clinics, hospitals or at home, the daily cleaning of patients’ removable dentures is a problem for the nursing staff.

Personnes_agees_protheses_dentaires_solution_stelisCleaning a removable denture is a long and complex act. Nursing staff does not benefit from specific training and lacks time to carry out meticulous cleaning, which are nevertheless essential to braces.

A true repugnance is systematically evoked about dentures that sometimes appear disgusting, often being few cleaned or even not at all.

Moreover, both nursing staff and patients might get hurt or break the denture each time they handle it.

With Stelis®no more manipulations, injuries nor painful, inflammatory and infectious complications, which too often result in nutritional deficiency!

Stelis®, an accurate protocol dedicated to real comfort

Aide-soignante-patient-protheses-dentaires-stelisEffective in 8 minutes only, Stelis® offers an accurate cleaning and care protocol for dentures, avoiding any manipulation.

Giving patients a true physical and psychological well-being, Stelis® allows the nursing staff to gain time and develop a more pleasant and natural relationship with patients.


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